WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption goes live for everyone

Open Whisper Systems, the creators of the secure messaging app Signal, helped WhatsApp during the past year to add end-to-end encryption to all the clients on all platforms. Now they announced that the task is finished and the encryption is now available to everyone who's on the latest version.

To make it clear if your chats are encrypted, you'll see a notification in the chats starting today (See in screenshots). You won't see such a notification when either you or your chat partner aren't on the latest version.

Now over a billion users worldwide use the open-source Signal protocol. But after we learned, that the FBI is able to crack iPhones, we can't even be sure if the FBI or NSA or just any hacker may be able to crack it too.

Here are some screenshots:

Links to learn more about WhatsApp's encryption:

But what's new in WhatsApp, isn't in Telegram. Telegram has already so called “Secret chats”, which are end-to-end encrypted too, but they have some more nice features, like self-destructive messages or a screenshot protection. Maybe WhatsApp will get something like this sooner or later too. So long you may want to try Telegram and join appydroid's channel.

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