Why everything has changed...

Everything has changed on appydroid. I didn't post something since the autumn last year and the page had many downtimes (may still have them - but it's now more unlikely).
Although I was - and still am - very busy with preparation for my final exam in some weeks, I put effort in changing something with appydroid. New blog CMS (now Ghost instead of WordPress, which gives a huge speed boost) and some reworked articles.

appydroid isn't dead!

No it's wrong, that appydroid is dead! It definitely isn't! I also renewed the domain for at least one more year when it expired last month...
I will start writing again here, as soon as I finished my final exams, which are very very important to me!
But I'll also make it possible for guests posting here. Back to the roots, where the idea was an "open source Android magazine". This was and still is quite impossible, but I'll make the whole process of submitting articles a lot more easier. You'll hear soon...

The transition progress isn't finished yet!

But relax, I'll finish it one day!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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